DXRF-5000 Lab Mineral Analyzer was developed for analyzing scrap jewelry to detect precious metal content. Analyzes elements to K to U down to 1 ppm with 0.05% accuracy. A single screen image provides information on the system, the spectrum, the measurement time, sample image and real time results. In only five seconds, the operator can determine the karat quality of a gold piece followed by complete precious metal content analysis.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a powerful analytical instrumental method used in a wide variety of industries to determine the elemental composition in various materials. One use of XRF that has gained substantial interest is its ability to accurately and nondestructively detects precious metals content in many kinds of samples such as gold ore, silver ore, platinum jewelries, bullions, ingots and scrap.


  • DXRF-5000 a powerful and cost-effective precious metal analysis tool for jewellers, precious metal refineries & recyclers, banks, etc. It’s able to detect both precious metals and other base metals simultaneously.
  • Precious Metal analysis such as Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, etc. in the Jewelry Industry.
  • Plating Thickness analysis in the Electroplating Industry of Electronics and Jewelry.


  • Specially developed professional software with friendly interface.
  • Free choice of filters and auto switch of collimators.
  • Multi-variant non-linear regression procedure; independent matrix effect correction model.
  • Triple safety protection mode, steel structure, elegant and fashionable.
  • Manually open and close sample chamber, safe and convenient.
  • Patent product Signal to Noise Enhancer (SNE) greatly improving the stability and accuracy of the measurement.
  • In-built high-resolution camera and convenient for users to analyze samples at any moment.


Model:  DXRF-5000

Measurement element range:         Potassium (K) – Uranium (U)

Acceptance sample type:       Powder, solid and liquid

Working voltage:        AC 110V/220V

Simultaneous analysis ability:          Maximum 24 elements

Technology:    Energy resolution (155±5) eV Si-Pin semiconductor detector

Analysis accuracy:      0.05% (above 96%)

Analysis range:           1Ppm level nearly 100% (24.41in x 19.29 in x 23.22 in)

Tube voltage:  5kV – 50kV

Tube current:  50ųA – 1000ųA

Test time:        60 – 200s

Collimator:      ϕ1.5 mm

Ambient temperature:          15°C – 30°C (59°F – 86°F)

Ambient humidity:     35% – 70%

Dimension:      620mm x 490mm x 590mm (24.91in x 19.29in x 23.22in) 620mm x 490mm x 590mm (24.91in x 19.29in x 23.22in)

Weight:           45 kg (90 lbs) Energy resolution: 400eV

Includes:         Single sample chamber Proportion chamber High resolution CCD camera Amplifier circuit High and low voltage power supplies X-ray tube