Flotation Machine is widely used for separation of non-ferrous and ferrous minerals, noble metals, non-metallic mine and chemical material.


It is employed for agitation, scrubbing and cleaning samples in laboratory of geological, metallurgical, building material, chemical, beneficiation plant and research institution. The single cell flotation machine can be interconnected to a number of basic groups to form a series of flotation machines.

During the flotation process, pulp will be mixed with chemical reagents and agitated. Then target ore grains will selectively attached to bubbles, float onto the surface of pulp, which will be scraped out and collected. And the rest of material will be left there, thus the separation process is achieved.


  • Fast froth removal due to excellent launder design.
  • Mechanically driven impeller that disperses air into the agitated pulp.
  • Easy and fast start up in full load after production break.
  • Maintain all particles uniformly in suspension within the pulp.
  • High recovery rate and separation grade ore selection.
  • Low speed and power consumption.


Model DI-SFC1.2
Item                  Unit
Volume cbm 1.2
Cell Size mm 1100x1100x1100
Capacity m3/min 0.6 – 1.2
Impeller Diameter mm 450
Impeller Speed r/min 312
Power kw 5.1/1.1