About Us


DOVE® INSTRUMENTS A Subsidiary of Dove Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd.

A member of DOVE® Group of Companies based in Thailand with offices in Guyana and Malaysia. Dove Instruments is a major supplier of high precision instruments, accessories and tools for mining and minerals processing industry, supplying a wide-range of instruments and tools for Minerals Exploration, Processing, Melting, Refining, Analysis and Identification. The Instruments are configured for Exploration, Identification and Processing of various Minerals, including Gold and other Precious Metals, Diamonds and other Precious Stones including colored Gemstones, Base Metals, Ferrous Metals and Light Metals. In addition Dove Instrument supplies, Security and Safety Equipment for Field and Mine and Mining Camp Accessories.

With over 50 years experience in the field of manufacturing, DOVE® has established a proven record of reliability and performance around the globe. Today, the brand of DOVE® represents a substantial number of divisional companies that led in 1990 to the formation of the DOVE® GROUP OF COMPANIES.DOVE® portfolio mirrors global representation in over 30 countries with over 50 years in Research, Product Development and Manufacturing expertise.

DOVE® Group with a unique range of capabilities, which intern supports each core company to provide better products, and higher quality of service to the related industries. These capabilities have allowed DOVE® Group to cross the technological frontiers, challenge the traditional methods, and achieve technical excellence.


DOVE® Instruments shall expand Global Leadership in Surface Mining Technology, through an unrelenting focus on Customer Satisfaction and Technical Excellence, as our clients are the most crucial element of our enterprise. A strong desire to meet our clients’ need continues to provide us with the impetus to challenge traditional mineral recovery methods and capitalize on new technologies to improve your Mining Project Performance should be there by making you more competitive in the market place. We are dedicated to give you the ultimate in service and support.


DOVE® Instruments supplies a large range of Laboratory Equipment, Instruments and Accessories for Identification, Testing and Analysis of various Minerals. The company’s interest is to participate in the Exploration and Exploitation of Precious Metals, Base Metals, Light Metals and Precious Gemstones. More specifically Dove Instruments range of products consist of:

Exploration Tools & Accessories, Metal Detectors, Multi-Sensor Detectors, and Mineral Analyzers, Drills, and Earthmoving Equipment
Mining Camp Tools & Accessories, Power Tools, Air Compressors & Jack Hammers
Gold Refinery, Melting Furnace, and Laboratory Equipment
Gemological Tools and Instruments
Portable Radios and Phone