New DOVE Instruments equipment, tools or accessories are covered by Three to Twelve Months Manufacturer Warranty Program. This limited warranty program covers your DOVE Instruments equipment, tools or accessories against material defects, workmanship and manufacturing defect. The program will entitle you, the original purchaser, from the date of delivery from DO®VE Instruments, to replace the defected parts at free of charge.

 This warranty program is subject to the following conditions:

  • This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases or receives the equipment from you.
  • DOVE Instruments makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to parts, components and equipment, which has not been manufactured by DOVE, over and above the standard original manufacturer’s warranty program for such parts, machines & equipment.
  • This warranty program does not cover any loss or damages done to the equipment, tools or accessories by the acts of nature, war, delivery or shipping, installation, handling and any indirect or accidental damages, or inability to use the product.
  • This limited warranty does not extend to any DOVE Instruments equipment, tools or accessories purchased from an unauthorized distributor, any modifications done to the equipment, tools or accessories, any repair or service by anyone other than DOVE or DOVE’s technical staff, or by corrosion and improper maintenance and operation.
  • The purchaser must notify DOVE Instruments of any manufacturing defect immediately upon occurrence of the problem, by a complete detail report & supporting photos and may be required to ship the defected part within the warranty period to DOVE Instruments head office for analysis & verification in Bangkok, Thailand, or the nearest authorized DOVE Instruments distributor, per DOVE Instruments written instruction. The purchaser shall pay the costs of shipping, freight, any applicable taxes and fees. To obtain warranty service, contact us via e-mail: or phone: (+662) 689 3750.



DOVE Instruments accepts local and international wire transfers for all orders. DOVE Instruments Sales Department will assist you with Proforma Invoices, terms of payment and shipping options.