DOVE magnetic gem and jewelry polishing machine tumblers give a high luster polish on all the intricate details of jewelry reaching places that are difficult to get to by traditional methods. Magnetic tumblers work exceptionally well on platinum, gold & silver giving a final high luster finish.
Can polish gems and jewelry to a bright finish including undersides of rings, undercuts, channel and other hard to reach places.
  • Specially designed for fixed time tumbling (0-60 minutes).
  • Auto reverse function, enables thorough tumbling.
  • Jewelries can be polished with good care.
Model: DG-1302
Bucket Dimensions 195 x 135 mm
Dimension 270 x 270 x 400 mm
Weight 20 kg
Capacity 800 g ( jewerly + pins)
Speed 2800 rpm
Voltage 220 V