Laboratory rod mill is commonly used as a grinder for the mineral feasibility study and for heavy concentrate reduction. Rod mill also is suitable for wet and dry grinding of fine ore and other materials in the laboratory, grinding of artificial heavy sand and ore in metallurgy, chemical & light industry, agriculture and geological experimental work.

Steel balls can be used as a grinding medium instead of steel rods. In rod grinding operation, particles sizes of the final product are relatively uniform and ore overriding can be eliminated.


  • The mill barrel has high rotating speed and smooth inner lining.
  • The small allowable filling rate of grinding media enhances the grinding and stripping effect.
  • The machine structure is compact and portable.
  • The transmission mechanism is simple and reliable.
  • Rod ball mill has the advantages of high efficiency and uniform particle size composition and a small degree of over grinding which is helpful to improve the quality of the experimental work.


Model: RML-5000
Feeding Size: <3 mm
Output size: 0.074 mm
Capacity: 1000 – 5000 g/h
Power: 0.55 kw
Dimension size: 1050 x 615 x 1160 mm
Weight: 160 kg