Desktop electronic spectroscope is the key instrument to determine the true color from artificial gemstone. We will know the name of gemstone by the spectrum such as ruby, almandine, emerald, zircon, jadeite, peridot and diamond.

The characteristic absorption spectra of gemstones are acquired through the wide dynamic color camera system, which can be displayed on the computer screen in real time and high definition, and the spectra can be saved on the USB flash drive.


  • Integrated desktop dual light source base, which can realize two test methods of transmission and reflection, and the brightness of the two light sources can be continuously adjustable.
  • Both transmitted light and reflected light are 400 – 700 nm continuous spectrum light sources.
  • The entrance aperture of the sample stage is continuously adjustable from ϕ2 – ϕ28 mm.
  • Built –in computer and display screen resolution of 1024 x 600.
  • Spectral scale range of 400 – 700 nm, the scale can be calibrated.
  • The brightness of the spectrum can be adjusted and absorption line is clearly visible.
  • Designed with a VGA video output interface, which can be connected to a large screen such as projector, which is convenient for teaching use.


Type Desktop Electronic
High Resolution 1024 x 600
Voltage DC 12V
Wavelength range 400 – 700 nm
High performance detector 1280 x 1024
Sensitivity 2.1v/lux – sec, resolution: 0.4 nm
Working temperature 10° to 60°C
Net weight 4.2 Kg
Dimension 210 x160 x190 mm