Metal Detector DM-UPX1000

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Offering all the great features and high performance you have come to expect from DOVE metal detectors.
The innovation in precious metal detectors technology and manufactured with high quality components. Gives the mining explores a mastery of deep target detection and reliable discrimination, including small deep targets detection.
DOVE Metal Detectors are durable, rugged and versatile but lightweight to allow exploration over extended periods of time.

It reliably detects and discriminates minerals such as Gold, Silver, Nickel, Zinc, and Copper and etc. Dove Metal Detectors locates precious metals in all types of ground, especially highly mineralized ground conditions, with greater  efficiency.

DOVE’s DM-UPX1000 is a super sensitive, deep penetrating and ultra discriminating Pulse Induction Metal Detector. The best in class Pulse Induction Technology with revolutionary breakthrough from the Blanket Antenna to Pulse Induction 3D Imaging.
DM-UPX1000 is good not only for treasure hunting, but also good for acheological detection and geographical prospecting.

DOVE’s DM-UPX1000 is designed for detecting precious stones, metals and deeply buried or lost metal objects, metal pipes, underground communication equipment, treasures, meteorites and similar objects. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction at a very low frequency in combination with 3D imaging.

  • LCD Display.
  • 3D Software.
  • Deep penetration.
  • Delay control.
  • Auto tracking.
  • Automatic ground balance.
  • Manual Tuning.
  • High sensitive antennas.
  • GPS System, can be connected to
    accurately map the location of a target.
  • Graphic mode analyzing target.
  • Built-in magnetometer-sensor system.
  • Audio and visual discrimination mode.
  • Reset control for easy operation.
  • 3D Pulse Imaging Data Interpretation.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Protection against reverse polarity.
  • Depth control for maximum detection depth.
  • Full microprocessor control.
Model: DM-UPX1000
Technology: Pulse Induction (PI) with Electromagnetic 3D Imaging
Display: 20/2 LCD Module, w/ Black Light Three-Mode, Led Display
Audio: 1/4" mono-jack headphones
Types of sensors and coils: 1-8 Sensors Magnetometer Sensor System,
40×40 inch (square) coil, 36 inch Blanket Antenna,
11 inch Circular coil.
Power Supply: DC 12V
Continuous power consumption DC 12V
Com Port Setup: 19200 Bn1
Battery: (1)Rechargeable 3Ah hermetically sealed battery with
(2) extra 3Ah batteries – optional
Battery charging time (empty) max. 10 h/b
Charger input (adapter) 100/240 V 50/60 Hz/AC
Charger output: 14.6 VDC 500 mA
Depth: approx. 10 meters. (Depending on the soil type)
Net Weight: 10.43 kg (23 lbs)
Basic complete set: 7.71 kg (17 lbs)
3D Imaging Software: 2.72 kg (6 lbs)