Induced Lift Roll Separator

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The separator is compact construction with magnetic power supply, drive motor and vibrating feeder, together with their controls are house in a gray, hammertone finished steel cabinet. Controls and metering switched are positioned so as to give easy manipulation and handling.
Designed for complex recovery & separation of minerals with near specific gravity, or small degree of fraction in their magnetic susceptibilities, where conventional gravity concentrators and magnetic separators fail to separate.

The following is a list of some of the minerals, which in various combinations have been separated by these units.

Apatite Hematite Cassiterite
Arizonite Horneblende Sapphire
Augite Ilmenite Siderite
Beryl Kyanite Spinels
Black Sands Limonite Tantalite
Brookite Magnetite Titanite
Carnotite Manganite Topaz
Chromite Monazite Tourmaline
Diamonds Phosphates Wolframite
Diopside Pyrite Wollastanite
Feldspars Ruby Zircon
Garnet Rutile
Gold Scheelite
  • Complex separation of minerals with only a small fraction of specific gravity difference, below one point to nearly none.
  • Capable of separating minerals where they have small degrees of difference in their magnetic susceptibilities.
  • Capacity of sixty kilogram per hour (60kg/hour).
  • Removing minerals magnetically at varying intensities according to their magnetic susceptibilities in determining the number of minerals present as well as the identity of each.
  • Identifying the minerals according to their magnetic behavior.
Model: DIL-RS60
Dimension 844mm x 387mm x 558mm
Weight 300 kg.
Maximum feed particle size 5 mm.
Roll Size  
Width 2 Inch (50.8 mm.)
Diameter 5 Inch (127 mm.)
Feed Ratio 60 kilogram/hour (132 lb/hr)
Power Supply  
Rotor drive motor 1/4 H.P DC
Electricity 220/440V, single phase AC, max 6 Amp.
Speed 1-500 RPM