Introducing Dove’s advanced technology solution in refining precious metals. This is a portable, high recovery rate, compact-fully automatic machine and economical to use without the need of independent refinery service. We find ways to add value in your business at a minimal cost.


DOVE continues to innovate and produce equipment required by our globally distributed clientele. Our achievement is motivated by the success of our clients so best quality products is what we aspire to create. Every business venture strives to be profitable, hence we are here to assist our business partners achieve their goals. In line with this vision is the launching of our DOVE Precious Metal Refinery that can refine precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. from impure alloys up to 999.5 purity.

Successful mining involves many processes before finally bringing the precious metal to the market. DOVE team strives to give assistance and services from extraction of various metals until the last stage in the process.

DOVE Instruments, a member of the DOVE Group of Companies is noted for bringing the latest technology, greatest performance and highest level of quality to market for the benefit of our mining clients worldwide! DOVE is now proud to introduce the following chemical driven precious metals refinery with input capacity of 30 Kg charges per day.

Based on the latest internationally adopted method of chemical refining, the DOVE Refinery has incorporated further improvements to suit the refining needs of our own Biotech research and development facilities along with our indigeneous manufacturing capability DOVE is able to develop and produce world class top of the line refineries.

As with our other precious metal and precious stone mining products DOVE can provide proper training and prompt after-sales service support as well as specialized consultancy for the specific requirements of our clients.


  • Latest Technology.
  • Safer and Faster Processing.
  • Refine Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, etc.
  • Very High Purity Achievable (999.5).
  • Minimum handling of Equipments.
  • Refines gold scrap, filings, dust, sweepings, etc.
  • Hazardous Fumes Neutralized through Gas treatment.
  • Specially designed Filtration System for quick filtration.
  • Designed to be easily setup and quickly operational.
  • Protective clothing provided.
  • Special valves imported from Germany.



Dimensions:                             3665 mm (L) x 1880 mm (W) x 2500 mm (H)

Weight:                                    500 kilograms/1100 lbs

Power Supply:                         Single-phase

Capacity:                                 30 kgs/shift