DXRF-4000 integrates precious metal detection technology and experience. It is a uniquely cost effective product comprised of fully functional software and user-friendly interface. Analyzes elements Au, Cu, Ag, Zn and Ag down to 5 ppm with 0.05% accuracy. Its human oriented design grants you a simple and quick analysis. DXRF-4000 compact XRF analyzer is one of the most cost-effective solutions to provide precious metal analysis for jewelers, refiners & recyclers, banks, etc.

DXRF-4000 provides everything that mining operators and jewelry businesses need for testing for gold, silver, platinum and palladium content. It has been developed with easy to use software that provides a straight forward testing option for jewelers and scrap jewelry buyers. A single screen image provides information on the system, the spectrum, the measurement time, sample image and real time results. DOVE’s DXRF-4000 provides a color camera system for the easiest sample viewing and alignment. In only 10 seconds the operator can analyze the carat quality of a gold piece and soon followed by a complete analysis of precious metal content.


  • Precious Metal analysis such as Au, Ag, Cu, etc. in the Jewelry Industry
  • Mainly used in precious metal and ornament processing industries; banks, ornament sale and detection institutes.
  • Plating Thickness analysis in the Electroplating Industry of Electronics and Jewelry.


  • Works using the principle of X-ray fluorescence with a gas filled proportional counter as a detector.
  • Large sample chamber.
  • State of the art electronics for efficient and reliable operation.
  • Specially designed for jewelry analysis such as Au, Ag, Zn, Cu and Ni.
  • Measures all types of complex shapes and designs commonly found in jewelry.
  • Double shield cover and outer cover has lead sheet that prevents X-ray from leaking.
  • The shield cover of the DXRF-4000 has interlock with high voltage of X-tube. When the cover is open the X-ray tube is shut down automatically to prevent X-ray from leaking.



Model:  DXRF-4000

Measurement element range: Cu, Au, Ag, Ni, and Zn.

Measurement accuracy:        0.05% (>96%)

Repeatability: 0.10%

Ambient temperature:          15°C – 30°C (59°F – 86°F)

Ambient humidity:     ≤70%

Test time:        60 – 200s

Dimensions:    620mm x 490mm x 590mm (24.41in x 19.29 in x 23.22 in)

Weight:            45 kg (90 lbs)

Power:  AC 220V±5V (AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is suggested)

Minimum element size:         3mm

Technology:    Proportional counter Energy resolution: 400eV

Includes:         Single sample chamber Proportion chamber High resolution CCD camera Amplifier circuit High and low voltage power supplies X-ray tube