Drilling Rig Wireline DD-W200

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DOVE's now introduces the most modern, powerful and multi-purpose drilling rig in the market. The new DD-W200 is engineered to perform not only to alloy and diamond core drilling but with different caliber which can be used for Geological Prospecting Works, drilling of fluid minerals in shot holes and water well drilling
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The new DD-W200 is a light multifunctional engineering project prospecting Drilling Rig. It is equipped with a wide range of R.P.M and well set gears for the most powerful torque in low revolutions per minute which is fit for core drilling and pile hole works. The advanced structure and convenient layout is good for easy maintenance and service. The DD-W200 can be moved steadily and fixed firmly with a lower gravity center and good stability during high speed drilling.
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Geologic Structure Prospecting
  • Bridges and Hydroelectric Projects
  • Industrial and Civil Architecture
  • Wireline Drilling
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Piling Foundation Works
  • Drilling Sampling


With the usage of Wire-Line core drilling, DD-W200 is not just an ordinary Conventional Drilling Rig. It has a rugged feature of special type of core drilling which is most commonly used for mineral exploration. This will cut down the time spent in hoisting and lowering the drill string, the wire line system has the efficiency of changing the core barrel without removing the drill rod string assembly, this makes the entire drilling process continuous.
  • Guaranteed High Reliability
  • High Precision Drilling System
  • Most Advanced Drilling Process
  • Economical with no Operator Interference
  • Low Labour Intensity
  • Optimized Structure
  • Easy Assembly and Transportation
  • Compact Design
  • Low Noise and High Transmission Efficiency

No matter what kind of terrain environment, DOVE’s Drilling Rig can work easily with suitable drilling head and construction method, all geographical exploration issues can be resolved by DOVE’s Drilling Rig.

Model: DD-W200
Drilling Depth
Feet: 197 738 968
Meter: 60 225 295
Opening Hole Diameter
Millimeter: 300 76 46
Centimeter: 30 7.6 4.6
Inches: 11.81 2.99 1.81
Drill Pipe Diameter
Millimeter: 50 42
Centimeter: 5 4.2
Inches: 1.96 1.65
Frame Type: Sledge Type
Drill Type: Wireline
Trailer: Included
Tripod: Included
Lifting Capacity: 30 kN
Rope Diameter
Millimeter: 12.5
Centimeter: 1.25
Inches: 0.49
Rope Capacity
Feet: 98
Meter: 30
Over All Dimension (L x W x H)
Millimeter: 1820 * 980 * 1400
Centimeter: 182 * 98 * 140
Inches: 80.70 * 46.45 * 55.90
Drill Weight
Kilogram: 700
Pounds: 1543.24
Over All Weigh
Kilogram: 4200
Pounds: 9259.415
Mud Pump
hp (kW): 7.75 HP (5.8 kW)
rpm: 2200 r/min
Weight: 200 kg
Engine hp (kW): 19 HP (14.7 kW)
rpm: 2500 r/min
Motor hp (kW): 20 HP (15 kW)
rpm: 1460 r/min