Drilling Rig Conventional DD-C200

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DOVE's Drilling Rig are design with rugged dependability with no operator interference, a complete modular core drill system designed for quick breakdown of soil, equipped with impressive torque power pack skid/ sledge construction for added mobility.
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The DD-C200 is made up of quality materials, with compact structure which makes the overall weight lighter and convenient to mount, transport and assemble. It has a hydraulic feeding system, for ease of operation and high drilling efficiency. Made with sturdy hoist combination of friction cone and planetary gear, which ensures better shock resistance.
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Site Prospecting
  • Engineering Geo-Prospection
  • Industrial and Civil Architecture
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Bridge Foundation
  • Drilling Exploratory Blast Hole


With the mobile cylinder installed; it is easier for the drilling machine to freely get the most ensured coring and boring drilling stem. The light single derrick cell can be dismantled and handled with ease and safety. With greater depth and maximum torque power, you can get tube samples that can be used to core and bore with bedrock layers or even in overburden boulder bed.
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Labor Intensity
  • Optimum Torque Power
  • Compact Design
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Stable Drive and Low Noise
Model: DD-C200
Drilling Depth
Feet: 197 738 968
Meter: 60 225 295
Opening Hole Diameter
Millimeter: 300 76 46
Centimeter: 30 7.6 4.6
Inches: 11.81 2.99 1.81
Drill Pipe Diameter
Millimeter: 50 42
Centimeter: 5 4.2
Inches: 1.96 1.65
Frame Type: Sledge Type
Drill Type: Conventional
Trailer: Included
Tripod: Included
Lifting Capacity: 30 kN
Rope Diameter
Millimeter: 12.5
Centimeter: 1.25
Inches: 0.49
Rope Capacity
Feet: 98
Meter: 30
Over All Dimension (L x W x H)
Millimeter: 1820 * 980 * 1400
Centimeter: 182 * 98 * 140
Inches: 80.70 * 46.45 * 55.90
Drill Weight
Kilogram: 670
Pounds: 1477.1
Over All Weigh
Kilogram: 3200
Pounds: 7054.79
Mud Pump
hp (kW): 7.75 HP (5.8 kW)
rpm: 2200 r/min
Weight: 200 kg
Engine hp (kW): 19 HP (14.7 kW)
rpm: 2500 r/min
Motor hp (kW): 20 HP (15 kW)
rpm: 1460 r/min
DD-C200 is the most portable and multi purpose engineering exploration drilling rig machine. Equipped with the most intensive engineered design for geological exploration, hydropower engineering, industrial and civil building construction as well as small diameter foundation pile hole drilling objectives.
  • Drill Tower
  • Drill Trailer
  • Mud Pump
  • Drilling Rod
  • 3-Wings Bit
  • Core Barrel
  • Alloy Drill Bit
  • Diamond Drill Bit
  • Double Barrel
  • Diamond Bit for Double Barrel
  • Reamer for double barrel